"I have always been a very visual person and particularly amazed by color combinations in the common scenery."
Amy K. Faust

I started making jewelry in high school and continued through college receiving a Bachelor's of Fine Arts at the State University of New York at New Paltz in 1984 where I also concentrated in painting. I also attended jewelry classes at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco. I am a business graduate of Women's Initiative for Self Employment based in the Bay Area, attended 2 years of private business training with The Entrepreneurial Edge and I am certified in Life Coaching for Artists as well as Canine Obedience training.

I find that working in the jewelry arts allows me to think sculpturally, graphically and painterly. I can also satisfy my desire to make things with my hands as well as use tools such as files and torches.

I love simplicity, color, light, subtle texture and the mysterious connection that art has to nature.  As a visual person I am always looking for inspiration from both the natural and urban environments.

I love finding objects, such as beach and bottle glass with hints of writing or design or gorgeous smooth pebbles. Cutting them into specific shapes they resemble gemstones and take on a new precious quality.

My wish is that each finished piece is perfectly made, contemporary, elegant, refreshing to the eye and highly wearable.